Invasive Physiotherapy - Physio Invasiva
Primer Equipo diseñado para Electrólisis Percutánea. El equipo Physio Invasiva® ha sido desarrollado con el fin de proporcionar un aparato versátil y portátil para realizar tratamientos de fisioterapia, mediante la aplicación percutánea de corrientes eléctricas tipo: Galvánica, PES, TENS, Microcorrientes y Alto Voltaje.
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Physio Invasiva

The Physio Invasiva is the first device designed specifically for the percutaneous application of electric currents through a needle, used in invasive physiotherapy

Utiliza agujas de las corrientes eléctricas. Estas últimas son más frecuentemente empleadas en las técnicas de fisioterapia invasiva, Electrólisis Percutánea (galvánica, microcorrientes convencionales o de alto voltaje, TENS)

Physio Invasiva

Multifunctional device

With 4 channels and 7 different waveforms (Galvánica Plus, microcurrent, PES, high voltage, TENS [constant, burst, modulated] that allows great versatility in the isolated or sequential application of different techniques.

Multifunctional device

The Physio Invasiva® has been developed with the aim of providing a versatile and portable device for performing physiotherapy treatment through the percutaneous application of the following types of electric current: Galvanic, PES, TENS, Microcurrents and High Voltage.


The device in operation

Here you can see a demo of the operation of the percutaneous electrolysis technique, but we have more videos in the training section part. With our videos and simulations you will have all the information you need.


General Characteristics

The Physio Invasiva®has been developed with the aim of providing a versatile and portable device for performing physiotherapy treatment…


Technical characteristics

Physio Invasiva es un dispositivo diseñado y fabricado bajo los más estrictos controles sanitarios y de seguridad eléctrica, desde mayo del 2015 disponemos del registro CE Sanitario realizado por el organismo notificador SGS.


Physio Invasiva trolley

The Physio Invasiva is a unique device that requires specially designed accessories for its numerous outputs and options.


Connectors and accessories

Los cables y accesorios que acompañan al equipo son los siguientes:

  • Cargador de la batería interna.
  • Aplicador manípulo con porta-aguja.

What are the benefits?

  • Es un tratamiento local

It is a local treatment that, with the help of an ultrasound scanner, is applied directly onto the impaired and/or degenerated tissue.

  • Alta efectividad

The effectiveness is high compared to conventional physiotherapy treatments (shock waves, ultrasound, laser therapy, etc.).

  • Sin apenas recaidas

The relapses are infrequent.

Tratamiento Physio Invasiva

Constantly evolving and always hand in hand with the advice of the best professionals

Always trained

By the best professionals: the courses to which you have access are taught by the best professionals in the sector.

The training that you have been waiting for, Percutaneous Electrolysis: The most comprehensive tendon, muscle, ligament, fascia, periosteum, capsule and nerve training.

With the last technology at your fingertips: the training that you will receive will be supported with the latest technology in Ultrasound and Percutaneous Electrolysis.


Training programme


–    Understanding the biological and pathophysiological principles of the Musculoskeletal Percutaneous Electrolysis technique.

–    Understanding the application methodology of the Ultrasound-Guided Musculoskeletal Percutaneous Electrolysis technique.

–    Learn how to apply the MPE technique in the different structures of the soft tissues of the musculoskeletal system, integrating the scientific evidence available with the clinical practice.


Training Videos

Lateral Epicondylitis Elastography.
Elastografia Tendon Epicondilitis.

Lateral Epicondylitis Elastography.

Electrósisis Percutánea Rotuliano

Torn muscle.

Electrólisis Percutánea - Rotura Muscular
Electrólisis Percutánea Bursitis

Patellar Tendon.

Electrólisis Percutánea - Tendón Rotuliano
Retrocalcaneal Bursitis.
electrólisis Percutánea Bursitis Retrocalcanea


Electrólisis Percutánea - Epicondilitis

Torn muscle.

Electrólisis Percutánea - Rotura Muscular


Designed for percutaneous electrolysis, dry puncture and painless acupuncture.

Physio Invasiva needles were designed for percutaneous electrolysis, dry puncture and dry acupuncture. They are made from uncoated stainless steel with a braided steel grip without head and with guide.

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