General characteristics of the Physio Invasiva - Invasive physiotherapy device.
Primer Equipo diseñado para Electrólisis Percutánea. El equipo Physio Invasiva® ha sido desarrollado con el fin de proporcionar un aparato versátil y portátil para realizar tratamientos de fisioterapia, mediante la aplicación percutánea de corrientes eléctricas tipo: Galvánica, PES, TENS, Microcorrientes y Alto Voltaje.
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General characteristics of the Physio Invasiva – Invasive physiotherapy device.

General characteristics

Versatile device.

The Physio Invasiva® has been developed with the aim of providing a versatile and portable devicepara for performing physiotherapy treatment, through the percutaneous application of the following types of electric current: Galvanic, PES, TENS, Microcurrents and High Voltage.

Application through needles.

These types of current are applied through a needle attached to a needle holder in a handpiece, with return by means of a hand electrode held by the patient or between a pair or pairs of needles applied between the appropriate points, depending on the treatment to be performed, with crocodile clips.

A very accurate device.

The therapist can set: theoutput level of the current (mA) and the application time, in the case of galvanic current, and in PES, TENS, microcurrents and high voltage mode, the pulse width (μS), the repeat frequency (Hz) and the output level (shown on a % scale) according to the type of treatment prescribed.


The device supplies a maximum galvanic current of 15 mA, which in no case is possible to exceed (maximum 23 Vpp in TENS currents and 1.5 Vpp in Microcurrents).

Needle holder with universal closure.

It features a manual applicator (handpiece) with a needle holder, which enables the attachment of an acupuncture needle (sterile and disposable after each application) and its placement in different areas, depending on the treatment required for the patient’s disorder.

No additional accessories are required.

The device is a compact unit that has no accessories.

Easy to handle, intuitive.

The display shows the device’s different parameters: current selected (mA), time set for the application, actual current supplied (mA) and total energy supplied in joules at the end of the treatment for galvanic current treatments, as well as menus for the other types of current selected.

An intuitive and functional keypad with 4 buttons allows the therapist/user to easily and clearly select and apply the different therapies.

Physio Invasiva noiseless invasive physiotherapy device.

The device does not emit any noises during operation, except for one beep to alert the user that treatment has begun, two beeps at the end of treatment and four beeps to indicate that it is not possible to set the selected current (galvanic current only).

At no point is it possible for the device’s output voltage to exceed the maximum voltage of 22 V DC during the application of galvanic currents.

As additional information, and without it representing the measurement parameters of the device, the display, during treatment, also shows the voltage applied to set the selected current at the point of treatment and the circuit’s resistance value (Galvanic current only).

7 types of current

The Physio Invasiva – Invasive Physiotherapy device has the following types of current: Galvanic Plus, PES, High Voltage, Constant TENS, Modulated TENS, Burst TENS and Microcurrents.


State-of-the-art microprocessor

State-of-the-art microprocessor that ensures correct and safe application.

Automatic switch-off

Automatic switch-off system for significant energy savings.


Multifunctional device

The Physio Invasiva – Invasive Physiotherapy device is multi option with 4 channels and 7 different waveforms.

Wide display

It features a wide display for easy and convenient operation.

Stand by

Low-consumption standby system.

Valid for all needles.

With universal closure that is valid for all types of needle.

Predefined parameters

These are predefined parameters by therapy to facilitate use of the device by the professional.

Chromium-nickel batteries

Long battery life with high-quality chromium-nickel batteries.


The training at your fingertips

When you purchase the Physio Invasiva invasive physiotherapy device, we offer you advice and training on the latest physiotherapy techniques.