Prim Squad - Machine for lower limb eccentric strength work
Primer Equipo diseñado para Electrólisis Percutánea. El equipo Physio Invasiva® ha sido desarrollado con el fin de proporcionar un aparato versátil y portátil para realizar tratamientos de fisioterapia, mediante la aplicación percutánea de corrientes eléctricas tipo: Galvánica, PES, TENS, Microcorrientes y Alto Voltaje.
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Prim Squat

Machine developed for lower limb eccentric strength work.

The aim of this machine is to work the lower body with a wide range of adjustments depending on the type of exercise and fitness of the sports person.

The machine’s moment of inertia can be adjusted to enable it to be used in early phases of sports rehabilitation, exercises with support and a normal sports training process by simply varying the number of weights used.

With respect to the competition, this machine has great internal development that seeks to smooth the eccentric peak and minimise the risk of joint injury in changes of cycle.

This has been achieved by developing and simulating the machine in the CATIA engineering programme.

We work on the weight of the inertia disc, the radius of the shaft and the counterweights until values are found that, depending on the physical fitness of the sports person, do not pose a risk to the joint at the moment that a change of direction of the force takes place (beginning of the eccentric phase).

It features side bases to improve the safety of the sports person when setting the feet laterally and the surface of the machine is treated to prevent the sports person from slipping.

It includes side wheels for easy moving.


  • Machine developed for lower limb eccentric strength work.
  • Fixed radius axis, speed differences are only triggered by the application of force by the subject.
  • Possibility of varying the moment of inertia through weights integrated into the disc.
  • 3 moment of inertia options:
    • No weights.
    • 2 weights (opposite).
    • 4 weights.
  • Multiplication of pulling 1×2 to enhance the eccentric work.
  • Manufactured from aluminium by numerical control for full control of the assembly’s moment of inertia.
  • Use of low-friction bearings and high-quality pulleys.
  • Cable with low stretching coefficient to reduce inertia losses as much as possible.
  • Side wheels for transportation.
  • Measurements: 110 x 60 x 35 cm (adjustable +10 cm)
  • Weight: 28 kg Delivery: Delivered ready for use with adjustable longitudinal cable.


Encoder + adapter.