Trolley for the Physio Invasiva - Invasive Physiotherapy device
Primer Equipo diseñado para Electrólisis Percutánea. El equipo Physio Invasiva® ha sido desarrollado con el fin de proporcionar un aparato versátil y portátil para realizar tratamientos de fisioterapia, mediante la aplicación percutánea de corrientes eléctricas tipo: Galvánica, PES, TENS, Microcorrientes y Alto Voltaje.
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Physio Invasiva trolley

Carro para el equipo Physio Invasiva – Fisioterapia Invasiva

Designed for our Physio Invasiva device.

We have designed a special trolley for our Physio Invasiva device for percutaneous electrolysis and other invasive physiotherapy techniques. It is now available through our network of sales offices.

The Physio Invasiva is a unique device that requires specially designed accessories for its numerous outputs and options. ENCAR Physio Invasiva is a specially designed trolley to ensure a tidy working area for the device and its accessories.

The trolley for the Physio Invasiva – Invasive Physiotherapy device has three shelves: one at the top featuring a cable organiser; one in the middle containing a metal drawer equipped with runners and stop; and one at the bottom for storing accessories. The ENCAR Physio Invasiva trolley is equipped with four castors (two with brake) for easy and safe manoeuvring.

Professionals who are interested in acquiring this new trolley for the Physio Invasiva – Invasive Physiotherapy device can contact our network of sales offices. The new trolley will also be displayed on our stand at the 2nd edition of the International Invasive Physiotherapy Conference taking place on 22 and 23 October at the CEU San Pablo University in Madrid.

About Physio Invasiva

Physio Invasiva is the first device specially designed to perform electrolysis and other invasive techniques to meet the needs expressed by physiotherapists themselves. During the design process, we were able to count on the support of qualified professionals who contributed their extensive experience in the field of musculoskeletal percutaneous electrolysis.

The device was developed for percutaneous application through needles carrying electric current used in invasive techniques (electrolysis, high voltage, microcurrents, PES and TENS) with intensities of 0.3 mA to 15 mA in steps of 0.1 mA. The Physio Invasiva features a totally stable and safe current generator, another of the elements developed to reduce the patient’s feeling of pain

One of the characteristics that distinguishes it from others is a handpiece designed to provide maximum application safety and minimise the patient’s discomfort. For these same purposes, the device uses uncoated steel needles specifically for percutaneous electrolysis, featuring a cone-shaped tip (without head, with guide) that allows better penetration and a well-polished body that facilitates movement within the tissue. This needle also provides better ultrasound visualisation.